Sunday, April 11, 2004
So, so tired :-( 
Warning, this one's a long one. I have a spare afternoon and a lot of stuff I want to write.

First of all, a bit of a heads up, I realised that I don't include many links in my blog. The whole point of the Internet, after all, is that documents are linked. So, if I talk about something, and theres a relavent page or site on the Internet about it, I'll link it if you're interested.

So, last night I went to stay at Matt/Peter's house, Peter and his girlfriend were in Lincolnshire at her parents, so it was me, Matt, his girlfriend Liz, and Liz's insane, but intriguing friend Sarah (who I would definitely like to see again sometime). Matt had had a bit of bad news earlier in the day, so we all decided to have some beers, some food, and piss about for the night to cheer him up. And it went swimmingly.

Now, I had to stay over, because we'd had a drink or 3, and I couldn't really get home that late. So, this meant I had to tell my mum. And if you know me in any great detail, you know about my mum and her problems with being at home on her own. She'll never get over it, I just know it.

Anyway, upshot is, I felt really guilty about it, so I didn't really enjoy the night as much as I could. Apart from listening to Sarah talk, which I could have done forever. She gets high off lemonade, which is hilarious to watch. The glucose goes right to her head in the same way alcohol does.

I didn't get a wink of sleep unfortunately, 2 hours at most, so today (Sunday) I'm feeling awful. I usually sleep all the way to my grandparents in the car, but for some reason, I couldn't fall to sleep then either. And right now, I'm so run down and exhausted from that I'm lying on a bed in the spare room here, laptop on my lap (which is the best place for it, given its name) - fuck knows why I'm so tired, but I'll take the opportunity to write this, and listen to some music. What if I don't ever fall asleep again? This might be it, I've forgotten how to sleep! I'm going to be tired for the rest of my life. The only possible good thing to come out of that might be if they bring back that game show, Shattered, on Channel 4, where the person who stays awake longest gets all the money. Sign me up.

Speaking of music, it is my firm belief that The Holy Bible by the Manic Street Preachers is the best album ever. I was a latecomer to the Manics, as many people seem to be, having only heard of them when Everything Must Go appeared. Unlike most people, I took the time to investigate their past stuff, but I'd always been missing The Holy Bible and never got hold of it, until now. And I'm glad I did, it's fabulous. And loud. Very very loud.

I lent my grandad my copy of The Independent from Friday, in an attempt to ween him off his usual piece of tabloid tat, which might as well be called the Daily Breasts. He's a typical British male tabloid-tat reader, Sun/Mirror/Etc, or as he calls them, The Daily Worker. I offered to spell some of the larger, more complicated words for him, but I think he backed out of attemping to read it when he saw the front page about Iraq, and the political situation there, and realised he was out of his depth. By way of a comparison, the David Beckham affair in the news at the moment took up the first 5 pages in the Sun, followed by some story about a prison giving its prisoners easter eggs for the holidays (why not? They're still people, some of them maybe religious, and they're all about forgiveness, aren't they?), and then tucked away on page *TWELVE* was a story about a British bodyguard being shot to death in Iraq. Says it all, really.

Thing is, my family are so uneducated about any world past their own. My grandma, bless her, has the IQ of a brick, she doesnt understand irony or satire or anything clever like that, she knows jack about whats going on in the world, or in fact, anything post 1980. Thats harsh, but true. Anyway, I think I'm going into one of my weird "look at all the stuff going on in the world, isn't it amazing?" phases. It's hard to not sound like a toff, but I really do like this whole edumakating thing, although it does make me feel like I'm climbing the middle class ladder again. Reading papers and the like, and forming my own opinion about stuff. Which is what I'm going to do now:

There are more speed cameras in Lancashire Constabulary's area than any other police force in England, fact. It's as if the other forces gave us their spare speed cameras and we said "OK, we'll find some space for them, they don't have to be even remotely near an accident blackspot, just in a place that will make us money." Now obviously, you all know me, i fucking HATE speeding motorists that try and rewrite the laws, on the basis that "everyone else speeds" - and my opinion on speed cameras is very much of the "if you don't speed, you have nothing to fear" line. However, putting them in places strategically to catch motorists, i.e., on hills where it's hard to control your speed, or, 3 cameras in the space of 1 mile, as is the case on the Promenade, is a joke. I have to be careful here, because on one side, I'm saying "speeders suck dick!" but on the other I'm standing up for them. So really, there was no point me even saying anything. Forget this paragraph even existed.

The new website design is nearly done, I need to add more stuff down the left hand column, it's a nice place to put some information, like the Blackpool Weather applet, the Blogger advert (required as part of the terms of service), or lists and notices. I keep wondering whether it's any good, and I'll probably make another later on. Thats the beauty of CSS, change one file to change it all. So, when thats finished I'll migrate the new design over from its little test directory.

It's so funny when my grandma starts talking about 5.6x10^7 different subjects one after the other, and all I do is nod and smile, and occasionally go, "Yes" or "No" - I just kinda manually trip the internal circuit breaker in my head and turn off, like I have done now. She's talking about something or other, despite the fact that I'm typing away, and I'm wearing headphones (listening to the aforementioned Manics) - as soon as she walks off, I'll get one of the little dudes in my brain to go to the fuse box and reset the breaker, then I'll be fine.

This laptop is lovely and warm on my lap. On second thoughts, I better be careful. I actually want to have kids in the future *moves laptop down to his legs* - Toasty warm! The easiest way to get warm in the winter is to start a benchmarking program on your laptop, or anything with lots of floating point calculations, perhaps work on some SETI units, or 3D rendering. This works doubly so if your laptop doesnt have a floating point unit, cos then the main processor does the work, and gets even hotter. Extra fan comes on, laptop gets warm, you rest your feet on it. Lovely.

Speaking of my laptop, I do need to buy a new wi-fi card to replace the one I bought off Peter which, firstly, never worked right, and secondly, got crushed in my bag. Recommendations will be well recieved, please. I want 802.11g, not 11b, seen as I forked out the money for a 11g access point given the fact that: 1) thats all PC World had, and 2) I really wanted one that day. I don't wanna spend more than 50 quid, to be honest, 60 maybe at a push.

Fingers are hurting now, so, other items of note: Lakeside trip with school, May 10th-14th (I decided I definitely want to go, it's going to be a lot of fun I think); The Killers concert, confirmed for May 21st; Wuzzleopoly, confirmed for May 22nd.

And I'm all typed out now. Must sleep. ZzzZZzzzZzz...

(And now, obviously, I'm home, and I'm going to post this, so thats why the time is later in the day)

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