Thursday, April 01, 2004
Things that make me who I am. 
This morning, while on the bus, I thought about all the stupid things that I do, or things about me, that everyone else would think is sad, or laughable, or plain idiotic. Things that, while they may look odd to other people, are completely normal to me. So, I present this list to you in order to make you understand that we're all insane, just some more than others. They are in no particular order, and I may post updates every so often. It may also get quite long, so I apologise in advance.


I download episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise off the Internet, so I can see them before they're on in the UK. I do this with a lot of programs and films, actually.

I have 8,000 mp3s. I think I collect them for no reason, because I never listen to most of them. I should probably not advertise that fact though, nor have my playlist online for all to see.

Speaking of my music taste, it's quite ecelectic. I can listen to Motorhead, The Chemical Brothers, Elbow, Oasis, and some dodgy Trance song, all in the space of 30 minutes. Nothing wrong with being open minded...

I like all things spacey. I play space simulators. I fly craft with people online. Some guys like cars, I like spacecraft. I mean come the fuck on, whats more fun, 200 mph in a car or 17,500 in a spacecraft with flames trailing behind you? The universe is amazing.

I can do a rubiks cube in under 2 minutes. Whats the problem there? It stimulates my brain. I happen to find it cool, and some people go "wow!" when I do it for them. I wonder if it'll get me laid...

I have started downloading Howard Stern's radio show every morning. He's funny. I'm not a geek, the internet is great, especially for things like that.

OK, maybe I am a geek. But why is that a bad thing? At least I have a life and I go out. I just happen to be a *tiny* bit eccentric and maybe a bit obsessive about stuff. But who isn't?

I like American sports, listen to them on the internet, take part in fantasy leagues. I find it challenging to manage a team. I also find the sports interesting and exciting, moreso than English sports. I sometimes live on American time when I'm following a sport.

I have crazy friends. We're crazy. We all meet up and do crazy stuff. So when I say "I'm going to play Real Life Monopoly in London over Easter" you may scoff, but it means I'll be having fun. While you are being a stuffy boring bastard. Leave me alone, dammit.

I don't really agree with one night stands, or having fun, or something like that. When I get into a relationship with someone, I want it to mean something. Hence, just because I've not had sex, this doesn't mean I'm a dick with no life. It just means, I've had chances, but decided not to take them, or I've been unlucky. So seriously, if you're a girl, and you know me, perhaps I'm that friendly knight in shining armour you're looking for, and you just haven't realised it yet. Come say hi.

Yes, I play lots of games online. This does NOT make me a sad loner. Stop being boring and join the fun.

Just because I work with computers, it doesn't mean I can fix anything else electrical. Why get pissy when I say so? I did a degree in computers, not "Common Household and Office Appliances" - So stop asking me about photocopiers, TV's and VCR's, because I'll just tell you to suck my nuts.

I don't do drugs. I've never tried them. I don't want to. I have my own opinions. Stop treating me like an idiot, and stop forcing me. In addition, this also doesn't make me a dickhead. When you're all junkies with no cash and health problems, I'll be the one with a happy family, quite a bit of money, a nice house, and a great life. Deal with it, or, stop fucking your body up.


That's all I can think of for now.

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