Thursday, May 20, 2004
Blog woes 
Right then, so I tried Greymatter for my blog. It's ok, setup went fine. However, sorting out the templates to look like this one was way too complicated, due to the number of minor things that needed changing. Perhaps I'll have another go later on. Or find a simpler blog software.

It's 14:37, Thursday afternoon, and I'm at work, bored shitless. I haven't actually done anything today, save for printer setup and installing a piece of software onto a laptop with no cd drive. I had to span it over 9 floppy disks. Grr.

Going to Rileys with Matt and Liz on Friday. Should be fun. Unless I'm a third wheel. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately...

DoD league gets underway on Sunday! I don't think we'll even get a team of six together. Thanks to Hakfest leaving because he wanted to play to win and we want to play for fun. I mean, to win would be nice, but lets not kid ourselves.

Two days to Wuzzleopoly! Yay!

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