Thursday, May 20, 2004
Comments, at last! 
I've enabled the Blogger comments option. Unfortunately you get redirected to the blogspot page, which of course has no formatting and a nasty big banner at the top. So, until I:

1) Figure out how to make it look like the main site
or 2) Get better blogging software

Then you'll have to put up with it :P Leave me comments! :)

// posted by TehHustler @ 3:19 PM

This is a test!
Agh. Complete Lack of Stylesheet!!
Why don't you just give up the ghost and go with LiveJournal? They're far superior. And who knows. Maybe someone will get you a paid account for your birthday. 0_o

Sweeeeeeeeeet. Who cares about format! Add your own format you lazy bums. As Alan Cooper would say, it's a bear that can dance, and you should all just be amazed that the bear can dance (if you think that sounds crazy... try reading the book :/). Anyways, Ummmm i forget what i was going to say. So ... yeah. Um, Bye!

Hi Mark, it's me, Bob! Just to let you know that I wasn't reading your blog, I was just trying to find the URL for the Wuzzlopoly page.
Love you,
I'm beginning to worry about Bob.

Holy crap people posted!

Amber: How do I tie it in to the rest of my site though :( I want the domain to stay on the address bar
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