Wednesday, May 19, 2004
I am not Simon Rollinson 
My mum made me wear the lavender coloured shirt she bought me for Christmas today. I've never worn it before, and I don't think I'll be doing again. It's horrid. And I feel conscious that everyone is staring at me. It's pink for fucks sake. PINK!!! Grr.

Well, thats it then. I'm going to miss The Killers for the 3rd time running. My only hope now is that they decide to play the V Festival. But I won't hold out much hope.

There's this guy that gets on my bus every morning. About 40ish, Scottish, complete twat. He annoys the fuck out of me, he has all these little mannerisms that irritate me. He looks around like a bird, his head moving really fast. He walks like a penguin, with really tiny steps. And he fidgets in his seat ALL the time. And if he sits behind you, you're doomed. I swear to god, if he grabs the back of my seat again to change the position he sits in, I'm going to turn around and stab him square in the face with my Roseacre branded pen.

OK, this shirt really has to go. Two people have said it's ok for work but they wouldn't go out in it.

I'm considering buying a set of poker chips. However they'd only really get used when I'm with the Wuzzle collective. Somehow I don't think Dave, Matt, et al want me to take all their money in regular tournaments. So perhaps I shouldn't buy any. Hum.

Internet is fucked again. I think I should count the days when it does work rather than doesn't, it'd be much easier.

The good thing about not going to see The Killers is that I have a bit more money to play with this month. That's also down to the fact that I was away for week. With any luck I can put some away at the end of this month and use it to pay Aymen for this MP3 player. If he's still alive, that is. He hasn't been around since before I went to the Lakes.

ARGH FUCK NO. Simon has been released all day today, meaning he'll be in the library all day, annoying the FUCK out of me. Telling me about all the new fucking toys he has, and being an egotistical prick. If you give me 2 minutes, I'll devise a graph to explain my feelings on this.


The results were surprising. According to the figures (based on the approximate world population of 6,500,000,000), 6,499,999,999 out of every 6,500,000,000 people are not Simon Rollinson. This means that a whopping 99.999999846154% of people don't actually give a flying banana about what is happening in the world of Simon Rollinson. Thus, he should shut the fuck up.

Right now he's insulting classroom assistants, saying they don't do much. This is despite the fact that without classroom assistants, teachers would have a much harder life. He is right about one thing though. I'm on a shit wage and I need to move on. ASAP. Now he's talking about his fucking car. Ugh. And he bothers me with stuff all the time, he's lazy and arrogant and I think I want to cut off his fingers.

Holy fuck, Randy Johnson threw a perfect game last night for Arizona. At 40 years old! Mucho cool.

I can't think of anything else to say now. Rather than try and fill the page with sub-standard stuff, I'll just publish this as is.

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