Monday, May 24, 2004
Monopoly review  
My mum has taken Lucy to the vets this morning. I don't think she has long left, and I'm scared. Update: She has had a blood test, results wont be back for a few days I guess. It could be her liver again. Fuck :(

So! Monopoly. It was an absolute blast, with a few teething problems. Bob has expertly summed up the day with a few short paragraphs, which I will reproduce for you here:

Firstly, my apologies for our late arrival - this was due mainly to my over-optimism, the northerners' poor navigation skills, and the Circle & District lines being closed. In retrospect, we probably should have chosen a different pub - those who recommended Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese to me will be severely reprimanded, although I think the main problem was that most of it was closed off.

The actual race finally started at about 2.35 and went pretty well, with no real hitches. The unforeseen closure of the Circle and District lines actually made it much more interesting, I thought, since it forced us to use buses and more complicated routes around the underground, as well as walking more. Team PARTY HARD, the goon team, playing as the iron token stormed to victory, taking only 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete the race at 5.55pm, despite not having a map or any Londoners on their team, and only having the second highest average dice score (6.83). Literally two minutes later Team Ethnic Minority (the dog token) finished, aided by a Londoner on their team, and the highest average dice roll (8.33).

Team Hat and Team Fast Car had the two worst average dice rolls (5 and 5.75 respectively), and Team Fast Car were further hindered by the guidance of Hakfest, a Londoner who could well have been bribed by another team to lead his team astray. After a series of disappointing dice rolls and the knowledge that we were losing 'fairly seriously', team Hat decided to call it day and give up, after we landed on Go To Jail. Team Fast Car gave up soon after when the closure of the tube at Knightsbridge forced them to take a detour through, and subsequently get lost in, Hyde Park.

Once all the teams except Team Fast Car, who were still lost in Hyde Park, arrived back in Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, we soon decided that despite having cheap beer, it was a pretty crap place to be, since the only room we could use was tiny, with very few seats. In the process of relocating down the road to a fine establishment called The George, we lost Char, Tala, Mr Podge, and his mate, which was unfortunate because once we could all sit down and a game of poker was started, things began to liven up considerably.

After a few drinks at The George, we set off to locate the nearest Pizza Hut, and thanks to everyone's successful ignoring of Hakfest's cries of "It's that way!", we soon found one. After an enjoyable meal, we made our way to another pub, the name of which escapes me, for a few more drinks before everybody went their separate ways.

All in all it was an enjoyable day, my thanks to everybody that attended. Photos and videos are in the process of being sorted and uploaded. If anyone on the goon team has any photos of videos, we need to arrange some way of getting them uploaded to the same place.

A few things he didn't mention were:

* An old woman walking into a wall and losing a tooth (we think) near the start, as she tried to walk around all of us standing in the middle of the pavement
* Hakfest screaming "he's got a knife!" while pointing at Alty, leading to a few security guards at the tube station wondering whether or not to search him, and buying us a few minutes.
* A person, no idea who, ran up to us and took a photo of us, before running off. WTF?
* Me winning the entire stack of matchsticks in the game of poker with a fantastic All in bet on a pair of 6's, and getting a 6 on the river to take it with 3 of a kind. Blinding.
* In pizza hut, we thought we were going to get kicked out for making too much noise.

And from a personal point of view, props to Jon for driving us there. The car journey with him, Gareth, and Andy was fucking hilarious. Shame I had to get up at 4am in the fucking morning for it, though.

All of the pictures and videos are in the process of being collated and I shall put the link up later today. Very enjoyable indeed, and I think it should be an annual event.

OK! In other news, I ordered 2 tshirts last week, as I mentioned here, and they haven't arrived yet. I hope the post gets better soon, the other tshirt I ordered took 20 days to arrive.

I went out with Dave, Christina, Matt, and Liz on Friday night. And I felt like a cock. It's like, I wasn't a third wheel, because there were 5 of us. So, I was a fifth wheel! Even worse! I know thats not their fault, by any means, but it's really really annoying. And quite unsettling. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me so I didn't have to go through it a moment longer. (Sorry Dave, I know you'll think im being mean when you read this, but it's not easy when you cant turn to the left or right for fear of being reminded how lame you are :-P )

And I'm spent.

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