Friday, May 07, 2004
On account of the fact that I have a shitload of stuff to do when I get in, and also that I'm going out to play pool tonight, this is the last post before I go away on Monday. I don't seem to ever post at weekends, usually because I'm never bored enough to do it. At work, I am eternally bored.

I have just witnessed the funniest thing ever. A classroom assistant at work tried to use the laminator. She put the pouch into it. It sucked it in. It didn't come out. It was like it ate it. I half expected to hear it go "BUUUUURP!" afterwards. So, shes a bit upset because she thinks shes broken an 80 quid laminator. THEN! The laminator that noone knew existed, the one that has been stored in a secure location in times of need, the one that cost FOUR HUNDRED QUID was taken out of its shiney box and put on the table. Along comes Miss Classroom Assistant. In goes the next laminator pouch. And... it didn't come out. Har har. She managed to trash £480 of equipment in the space of 10 minutes, pretty good going. Needless to say, she isn't allowed in my computer room now.

I've tied up all my loose ends before I go away as far as work is concerned. Year 6 are doing their SATs next week, so they cant do their "turn all the computers on" jobs. Hence, I have had to take two Year 5 kids and train them up. I hope I dont return on Friday afternoon to see my computers in bits, or burnt, or both. Could use it as an excuse to get new computers though... Hmmm...

Anyway, my brain is fried, so, I'll leave you with this quote, and I shall be back with a full report of my trip to Lake Windermere on Friday night:

"Unless I am expandable, I am expendable..." - Dr. Robert Schuller

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