Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Random stuff 
Had to sit on the top deck of the bus this morning. I felt sick afterwards.

My Slashdot karma increased to Excellent today, with the help of another stellar post.

Wuzzleopoly has been opened up to the crowd of Something Awful and renamed The Great Monopoly Race 2004. A few people from SA are interested in going, so the event should be quite cool.

Lakeside trip is on Monday. Should be fun. Still worried that I don't know any of the kids that I'm supposed to be looking after. I do hope I don't mess things up :-(

I found myself apologising, and almost justifying my music tastes to someone the other day. I did it to Matt and Liz and her friend the other day, as well. I should stop that. I like what I like, and fuck anyone else. Speaking of which, I really am getting to like Killswitch Engage. Heavy, but tuneful.

Another bit of one-upsmanship on Monsieur Matt. Roseacre never gave overtime ever. And they just did to me. Har. 2 days out of my half term holiday, I can cope with. Especially if it gives me more money to spend in London.

Speaking of London, I just realised I have lots going on in the near future. Starting with Monopoly on the 22nd, I then have The Killers gig on the 28th, which James shall hopefully be in attendance for. After going out in Manchester and staying there overnight we'll be meeting Adele on the Saturday. Then, in June, it's back to London again for Clare's birthday trip, taking in such magnificent sights as Camden Town, and probably going out somewhere at night.

When you think about it, perhaps my social life isnt all that bad.

By the way, Twpsyn was moaning that I never link to the people or things I talk about, even though I promised I would. That having been said, here is his website.

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